A list and brief description of the available Backgrounds.

Archaeologist: You studied Syrneth ruins and explored the lost parts of Terra.

Aristocrat: You were born into the nobility of your home country and regularly attended the courts.

Army Officer: You enlisted in the Army and soon found yourself in a command position.

Artist: You worked tirelessly to create objects of beauty.

Assassin: You once stalked the shadows as a spectre of silent death in return for bloody coin, but no more.

Cavalry: You were a mounted warrior and part of the nation’s esteemed cavalry.

Courtier: You regularly attended court and acted as a diplomat to foreign courts.

Crafter: You worked tirelessly to create objects of function.

Criminal: You broke unjust laws to achieve what you believed was the greater good.

Doctor: You worked to heal the sick and tend the wounded.

Duelist: You have devoted your life to mastering the blade.

Engineer: You were concerned with applying scientific knowledge, mathematics, and ingenuity to develop solutions for technical, social, and commercial problems.

Explorer: You lived to see the farthest reaches that Terra has to offer.

Farmkid: You were raised on a small farm, working to survive, and had never known the life of adventure.

Hunter: You slept under the stars and hunted your meals with your own two hands.

Jenny: You seduced others for fun and profit.

L’ami du Roi: You were, literally, a favourite courtier of the king.

Mercenary: You sold your skills in battle to the highest bidder.

Merchant: You traveled the countryside to sell your wares in market or port.

Mousquetaire: You are sworn to protect the King of Montaigne and your fellow musketeers until death. (NOTE: all players get this Background for free)

Orphan: You lost your parents at a young age and were forced to look out for yourself.

Performer: You worked tirelessly to create an experience of beauty.

Priest: You served a higher cause with every living breath you took.

Professor: You taught others at a prestigious learning institution.

Pugilist: You relied on your hands and feet to solve all the violent problems in your life.

Sailor: You served upon a ship for a time.

Scholar: You dedicated yourself to learning and documenting all the wonders of Terra.

Servant: You worked for another doing whatever your master’s bidding was.

Soldier: You learned how to fight—and how to kill— and you made a life in doing so under banners and for lords.

Sorcier Porte: You have mastered the art of Porte, the magical opening of doorways.


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