Character Creation

These are the steps that we will, as a group, use to create your Hero— a bold Musketeer in the service of L’Empereur du Montaigne. While we will be working together on each step, it wouldn’t hurt to go over them and make a few notes before we begin (especially with Step 0!)

Step 0: Concept

Before you start making a Hero, you should consider what kind of person you want to play. Is he a noble? Where does she get her money? How does he handle problems? If she were forced to choose between her loyalty to her friends or her crown, how would she choose? How exactly does your Hero’s smile grow on his lips? Every question you answer brings you a little closer to a Hero who feels real. these questions will give you all the information you’ll need to fill in the blanks on the Hero sheet.

Step 1: Traits

Every Hero has five Traits defining what that Hero’s core strengths are. The Traits are:

Brawn is a Hero’s strength and physical power.
Finesse measures a Hero’s coordination and agility.
Resolve is a Hero’s willpower and endurance.
Wits measures how quickly a Hero thinks on his feet.
Panache is a Hero’s charm and personal magnetism.

Every Hero begins with all of her Traits at 2. You have 2 additional points you can spend to increase your Traits.

Step 2: Nationality

Being from Montaigne, you add a further point to either your Hero’s Finesse or Panache.

Step 3: Backgrounds

In the world of Théah, few ever pick their own life path. Often, a child’s parents pick his career for him. Your Hero is probably no different. Your Backgrounds represent what your Hero did before the game begins. Backgrounds represent your past. You were a sailor,
you were a performer, you were an assassin. While these things had a strong influence on you, they are not necessarily whom you’ve become.

Backgrounds give you a few things that make your Hero distinct from others. Backgrounds come with a Quirk, a personality trait that is common among people of that background. If you act in accordance with a Quirk from your background, you gain a Hero Point (which are very beneficial to any Hero). Backgrounds also give you Advantages. Advantages are abilities most Théans will never have. If your Background lists an Advantage, you may add that Advantage to your Hero Sheet at no cost. Finally, each Background also gives you a set of Skills. Skills are specific bonuses for specific tasks. Like Traits, Skills have Ranks that tell you how many dice they give you.

All players begin with the Musketeer background to represent the training every member undergoes. In addition, players will select an additional Background.

Step 4: Skills

Skills are an integral part of a Hero. Skills determine her training, talents, education, and similar abilities. Any time you make a Risk, the GM tells you which Skill and Trait to use, and roll that many dice. Some Advantages might give you Bonus Dice when you use certain Skills under certain circumstances, or modify your dice in some way.

You gain 10 points to add to existing Skills from your Backgrounds.

Step 5: Advantages

Although you already have some Advantages from your Backgrounds, you may also buy some Advantages. These are distinctions that set you apart from everyone else. You have 7 points to buy new Advantages.

Step 6: Arcana

Each Hero is touched by Fate: made greater for Her purposes. At least, that’s what the Sorte Strega believe. They point at the aura each Hero has: a kind of energy that a Fate Witch can read. This is called a Hero’s Arcana.

Step 7: Stories

While Heroes work together to tell a larger story, every Hero has her own story to tell. Your Hero is no different. The promise you made to your father on his deathbed. The man whose wrongful testimony sent you to prison for all those years. The woman whose love you’ve sworn to recapture. Stories are more than the things you tell everyone you’ll accomplish one day. Stories are also the road you’ll walk to get there.

Step 8: Details

Your Hero usually earns a Reputation over the course of play—unless you purchased an Advantage that lets you start with some Reputation. Reputation is always a single descriptive word that shows how people generally perceive your Hero.

Your character can speak a number of languages equal to his Wits. Since all Heroes start at Wits 2, every Hero can speak Old Théan and his native language.
If your Hero’s Wits is higher than 2, you may select additional languages you know at this time. For the most part, most business in Théah is done in Old Théan. It’s the language nearly every Théan knows.

A Hero can always afford the basic necessities to live (if they are available). Ordinary food, basic shelter, and basic clothing are things that, given time, can be acquired without spending Wealth Points. Wealth allows you to buy the extra things. A Hero’s ability to spend money to acquire the things he wants is represented by his Wealth. Unless you have a way to start play with Wealth Points (such as the Patron Advantage), your Wealth begins at zero every session.

Character Creation

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