For your Hero, you choose a Virtue and Hubris from the list below. They do not need to be from the same “card”. There are mechanical advantages to using your character’s Virtue or Hubris during play.

The Fool
Virtue: Wily
Hubris: Curious

The Road
Virtue: Friendly
Hubris: Underconfident

The Magician
Virtue: Willful
Hubris: Ambitious

The Lovers
Virtue: Passionate
Hubris: Star-Crossed

The Wheel
Virtue: Fortunate
Hubris: Unfortunate

The Devil
Virtue: Astute
Hubris: Trusting

The Tower
Virtue: Humble
Hubris: Arrogant

The Beggar
Virtue: Insightful
Hubris: Envious

The Witch
Virtue: Intuitive
Hubris: Manipulative

The War
Virtue: Victorious
Hubris: Loyal

The Hanged Man
Virtue: Altruistic
Hubris: Indecisive

The Ferryman
Virtue: Adaptable
Hubris: Relentless

The Thrones
Virtue: Comforting
Hubris: Stubborn

The Moonless Night
Virtue: Subtle
Hubris: Confusion

The Sun
Virtue: Glorious
Hubris: Proud

The Prophet
Virtue: Illuminating
Hubris: Overzealous

The Reunion
Virtue: Exemplary
Hubris: Bitterness

The Hero
Virtue: Courageous
Hubris: Foolhardy

The Glyph
Virtue: Temperate
Hubris: Superstitious

The Emperor
Virtue: Commanding
Hubris: Hot-headed


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