Montaigne-Castille War

Sorcerous Revelations and Foreign Invasion

In 1664 AV, the King of Montaigne broke five hundred years of silence by openly admitting his practice of sorcery. Other Montaigne nobles soon followed his example, sending the Church into an ecclesiastic rage. The Hierophant issued a statement of disapproval, but he was unsure whether to march against Montaigne over the matter. The decision was made for him two years later when the High Inquisitor and his men raised a small army of devout Castillians on their own and marched toward Charouse. Using diversionary tactics, the Inquisition’s army reached the capital with a minimum of bloodshed, leaving the Montaigne army days away. Only a small garrison and the Lightning Guard were there to defend their King against a force that outnumbered them five to one.

Montegue’s Stand

As the army advanced on the capital, the Montaigne command crumbled, leaving a young corporal named Montegue in charge. He moved the soldiers and musketeers to the palace walls and ordered them to line up before the gate. Then he ordered his two best sharpshooters to take flanking positions and shoot down any enemy officers they could see. As the army approached, the first row of Montaigne started firing, then fell back and reloaded as the second line stepped forward to fire. Meanwhile, the sharpshooters shot at any officer they saw. The Castillian advance broke down with alarming rapidity and Montegue’s relentless musket line caught the Church army completely off guard. They retreated; Montegue followed and let no man escape alive. Following that day, Montegue was made High General of the Montaigne army and the King has declared himself Emperor. In retaliation for the attack, l’Empereur ordered his new General to invade Castille.

An Uneasy Peace

After a short and brutal conflict, the nations of Montaigne and Castille have agreed to an uneasy peace. The nobility of Montaigne basks in the newly gained wealth and land gained in the war, while the peasantry quietly tries to recover from the loss of so many of its sons to the ambitions of the Sun King.

Montaigne-Castille War

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